• The city and county have lost nearly 300 law enforcement officers over the past 5 years, through retirements, transfers to other jurisdictions, and still others choosing different careers.
  • There are nearly 30,000 citizens of Shelby County who are involved in the criminal justice system, who return to families and communities every year.
  • More than 50% of violent crimes in Memphis and Shelby County stem from incidents of domestic violence or conflicts between people who know each other. Over 200,000 incidents are reported every year.

Together, we can

With an effective police department and sheriff’s office citizens across this community should be able to live and prosper in peace. We must also reclaim the thousands of productive lives that have been disrupted by criminal convictions for nonviolent offenses. It is our intention to audit the criminal justice system, which will include:

  • Review of the bond system
  • Efficiency
  • Constitutionality
  • Equal Treatment
  • Review of the prosecutor’s office resources vs. public defender’s office.

We support the findings of the recent Department of Justice review of the JCSMC. We believe due to the hard work of the Department of Justice and the Shelby County Juvenile Court positive changes have taken place that includes suicide prevention tactics and the elimination of the bond system. Other findings we support that are not yet implemented include:

  • Separation between juvenile defender and judge. (Will need a change in state law)
  • Funding for OOJ findings implementation.

We will also lobby for funding for our mental health system, lead a volunteer support system that works with juvenile offenders, and advocate for blended sentencing for qualifying juvenile offenders to keep them out of the adult system until age 25.

  • Advocate to keep juvenile offenders in local facilities closer to their families.
  • Advocate programs that will cater to juvenile offenders to successfully re-enter into society.