As a leader in this community, past county commissioner, and amongst my many accomplishments, my position on how “together we can” is simple and straight to the point. This statement reflects “not only how together we can make anything happen and that we can’t do it individually, but it reflects that there is nothing impossible through our togetherness movement”. The leadership of this county should be a reflection of the makeup on this county, which consist of 52.7% of African Americans/Blacks, 36.7% is Caucasian/Whites, 6.1 % is Hispanics and all others (to include Asians, Native Americans and others) represent 2.6% or less. With those statistical facts, I believe that equal opportunity should exist for all and together we can transform the issues that plague our city to include the educational system, economic disparity, poverty, and combat crime that’s on the rise within our communities.

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